Abandoned Angel Animal Rescue 

we are a small rescue located in central New Jersey. We place dogs, cats and small animals. We were founded in July 2010 after our founder, Rachel Scrofani, found that there was a need for more rescues in NJ and she wanted to be able to help any animals she found. Abandoned Angels Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 federal nonprofit. We are very small so we are always looking for any types of donations. Please email us at info@abandonedangelsrescue.org for information on dropping off donations  . Please check our donation page for making monetary contributions.  Thank you so much for visiting our page!!

We will be doing gift wrapping for donations at 

Marlton Barnes an Nobles the following days:

December 15th   1 pm to  9 pm 

December 19th 10 am to  6 pm

December 20th 10 am to  6 pm

December 21st   6 pm to 10 pm

Come out and bring all your gifts to be wrapped! 

Email us for more details!