Abandoned Angel Animal Rescue 

we are a small rescue located in central New Jersey. We place dogs, cats and small animals. We were founded in July 2010 after our founder, Rachel Scrofani, found that there was a need for more rescues in NJ and she wanted to be able to help any animals she found. Abandoned Angels Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 federal nonprofit. We are very small so we are always looking for any types of donations. Please email us at info@abandonedangelsrescue.org for information on dropping off donations  . Please check our donation page for making monetary contributions.  Thank you so much for visiting our page!!

June we will be moving to a farm in Columbus where we will be able to rescue farm animals along with cats and dogs. Abandoned Angels Rescue will still be a foster organization so please contact us through email if you wish to meet any one of our adoptable animals.