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Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens!

Posted by Rachel on August 29, 2015 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (5243)

About a year ago after rescuing dogs and more dogs along with cats and realizing that we were getting double the calls for cats then dogs, we made the decision to change our focus and narrow to feral cats and bottle babies. We have had a very busy year with this change and hope to continue our work doing TNR and reducing the amount of feral babies and bottle babies.

The hardest animals to foster are the bottle babies. Most people do not realize how much work has to go into raising these precious babies. From the day someone finds them until the day they are adopted, the foster bottle feeder mom plays the rolls as the kittens mom. These kittens need round the clock care until they are about 5 weeks old and can start to eat on their own. From day one of getting a batch of babies I count down the days until the kitten will be old enough to eat on his/her own as that means their chance of survival increases drastically. Up until that point there is about a 50% chance that they kittens will survive, which can be a depressing but motivating thought when raising the kittens. Unfortunately when I have had several bottle feeders pass away over the years. The kittens that make it are the most loving kittens because they think they are people and just want to lay on top of you, play with you and purr their little hearts out. Sometimes they can be so loving towards people that my other cats become a bit jealous of them and have to show them how to be cats and not people. They eventually find their place in the "herd" as I refer to as a pack of domestic cats and lead a happy long life.

If you are interested in learning about bottle feeders or helping us with these tiny precious lives, then please contact us at (yes, our email is back up working now!!! yay!)


Animal Rescue and Plant Based Diets

Posted by Rachel on July 8, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (117)

Is being in rescue a product of being a vegan or is becomming a vegan a product of being in rescue. Can one tell me what they feel is the difference between a Pig and a Dog? Why do we eat one but it's taboo to eat the other?

I often hear people refer to their pets as their children but then they turn around and go to Burger King for a Baconater. Is the pig inferior because it is not fluffy like a dog? Pigs are said to be one of the most intelligent animals, more intelligent than dogs but yet we treat them as inferior and part of the food chain when the dog is allowed to sleep in our beds and accompany us on family vacations.

Do these sentiments make you think twice about eating that pork roll the next time you go out? What about the cows and chickens that suffer in small pens and cages so that we can dink their lactations and eat their flesh? Next time you are out, think about your dog when you are eating that animal and ask yourself would you want your "family member" to suffer the same fate? If not, then you should consider plant based eating or as others call it a Vegan diet.

The first question I always here from people when considering a plant based diet is, isnt that expensive? "It has to be more than eating meat." Well no, it doesn't. If you choose wisely and purchase local produce then you will be spending less than what you are currently spending on your junk food (as I refer to as Meat, dairy and animal derivatives) diet you are currently on.

Places like Whole Foods, Trade Joes, Wegmans and Sprouts have made it extremely simple to find inexpensive plant based options at reasonable prices. Even Shop Rite in the northeast has a large selection of organic and plant based foods.

A family can be healthy and happy on a plant based diet and reduce suffering for the many animals that are raised for food. Stay tuned for some of my favorite recipes, tools and gadgets that you have to have and groups that can help you keep living that cruelty free life.

Peace, love and veganism 8)


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